COVID 19 Update



We are excited to get back into the sanctuary for our Sunday morning worship services. We look forward to seeing you. There will be some guidelines we will have to follow.
The guidelines are as follows:

1. Morning worship only until September 1, 2020

2. Pews will be taped to allow for distancing

3. Sunday School has begun - 9:45am each Sunday morning.

4. Please enter the building through the sanctuary doors only

5. We will not shake hands --hug--or in any way make someone uncomfortable or compromise their health. Masks are optional in all of our buildings. However, if you would like a mask, ask one of our ushers and one will be provided

6. Families will sit together, and appropriate distancing will be observed if the row has the space to seat another person

7. To observe distancing at the conclusion of the service we will dismiss row by row from the back to the front.

8. We encourage people to not visit in the building but visit on the sidewalk or parking lot

9. We will not seat a choir because of the distancing coming down from the choir loft

10. Offering plates will be in the foyer and people are asked to leave their offering as they go out or come into the sanctuary

11. The auditorium has been professionally sanitized with a Covid-19 disinfectant and will continue to be sanitized each week